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Experience a fraction of an all - new RPG from FaceFruit Games...

50 Floors!

In this demo, you will get to explore the first 2 floors of the game. You will get to:

  • explore 2 beautifully designed floors - only 2 of the 50 the full game will contain!
  • Defeat enemies to earn EXP and money to spend in the shop.

Though this demo is small, it still has a lot to offer! More game elements and features will be added in the full game - make sure to check back frequently on my website for details! Since no in - game tutorial has been implemented, I'll leave the controls here:

Space Bar / Enter - Ok ("A" Button)

Escape (Esc.) - Back ("B" Button)

Arrow Keys - Move (sorry no WASD :P)

I hope you enjoy this demo and please leave me feedback!

Install instructions


(Game is for Windows only)


50 Floors DEMO.zip 359 MB

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